These conditions govern the contractual relations between BLUEBAG, SIRET number being awarded, headquartered at Majal 43520 Araules, seller of luggage accessories and handcrafted decorative furniture, and the person making the purchase. The applicable GTC are those in force at the time of validation of the order. All the creations presented on the distributor catalog, the website, the social networks and the online store are the intellectual property of the BlueBag brand. They are therefore subject to copyright.


1. The products

Each creation is made by hand, in series or as a unique piece. They can include irregularities, differences in size, patterns varying from one piece to another. 

The photos of the items presented are not contractual.


2. The prices

The prices of the items are shown inclusive of VAT in the distributor catalog, addressed to professionals, and inclusive of VAT on other sales media intended for individuals. They are valid on the day the order is confirmed. All orders are payable in euros. BlueBag reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The items remain the property of BlueBag until full payment of the request.

3. Terms and times of payment

For professionals / resellers: Le montant minimum d’achat est de 540€ franco de port à la première commande soit 3 housses basiques. La seconde commande ne devra pas comporter de minimum de commande mais comprendra des frais de port. A la validation du bon de commande, le total de la commande devra être réglé. Le règlement est exigible immédiatement à la commande et entraîne la fabrication par la créatrice BlueBag.  La validation du bon de commande vaudra pour acceptation des CGV. Une fois la commande validée, le client recevra un accusé de réception comprenant un récapitulatif des informations de sa commande, qui vaut pour bon de commande et de fabrication auprès de BlueBag. La validation du BDC vaut exécutions du contrat et entraîne l’obligation de payer le prix indiqué. Il en est de même pour les commandes sur-mesure ou les pré-commandes.

For individuals : 507 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Payment is due upon validation of the order after the designer. Payment via PayPal or Bank transfer. Upon payment, the customer will receive an invoice which will result in the manufacture of the product from the designer if applicable. Or, if the item is in stock, sending this order via postal service. It is the same for custom orders or pre-orders. Before any purchase, the customer agrees to have read the BlueBag general conditions of sale. 

BlueBag reserves the right not to register an order in the event of a supply problem or in the event of any difficulty.

4. Delivery, delivery times and costs

The order will be sent to the address indicated on the order form by the customer. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight or the item ordered. The shipping costs include the costs of preparing the package as well as the delivery costs and are included in the purchase price for individuals. The responsibility of BlueBag is not engaged in the event of loss of products or extension of the delivery time by the deliverer. In addition, the products are sent with the greatest care. BlueBag declines all responsibility in the event of mistreatment of the package by the delivery person. 

5. After-sales service and Withdrawal

The customer has a 14-day right of withdrawal (Hamon law) and may have access to a withdrawal form. The return of goods cannot take place without prior agreement with BlueBag. Any request must first be made by email to the address contact@bluebagshop.com and under the following conditions:

  • Be in perfect condition (any damage suffered may be such as to defeat the right of withdrawal)

  • Be packaged in packaging ensuring the protection of the articles

  • Be shipped by tracked mail (Return costs are your responsibility.)

En cas de réparation des produits, les frais de retour sont à la charge de BlueBag. Une étiquette retour mondial relay sera envoyé par retour de mail dès réception du bon de retour au client. Merci de placer le bon retour dans le colis. 

6. Storage and liability

The designer guarantees the conformity of the item sold (L211-4 of the Consumer Code). The designer is the guarantor of hidden defects in the item sold (1641 of the Civil Code). A hidden defect is a defect in the item sold which renders it unfit for the use for which it is intended. All the articles are made by hand and mostly with paper and wood. They comply with current French legislation. However, BlueBag cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the item. Especially in the event of contact with liquid products (water, perfume, spray, etc.) or prolonged exposure to the sun which could deteriorate the quality of the item. 

7. Applicable law in the event of a dispute

All purchase orders, invoices are recorded on digital and paper media. They are an exact copy of the documents received by the customer in accordance with the provisions of article 1348 of the Civil Code. In addition, email exchanges, order validation forms and transactions taking place between BlueBag and the customer are considered as proof of communications.
French law will be the only one applicable. In the event of a dispute or dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.