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BlueBag of the month !

🌳 // the month of September - "LINKTREE" // 🌳

You will understand it, our niche does not fit on the standardization of the modes of thought and realization for our cases of the art range! On the contrary, this assembly of different woods next to each other highlights the allegory of our roots. We live actually together.

Trigger alert: no we will not talk about the lightness of this case but of an object  which showcases our particular affection for the wood of some essence it is!

We found our inspiration for the design in our last graphic designs intertwined the lines and boats in origami ... sort of red thread making the link between all our cases of the range Art.

The dimensions are standard for a pan of 27cm high and 53cm in diameter. The different inclusions and grapes in successive layers to the epoxy guarantee its impermeability, so it will not move in time.

The border is in olive tree, plated essences are a patchwork  olive tree, walnut, plane, maple, rosewood, redgum, louro and damp mahogany.

We can change the straps on request with straps or guitar straps.

You will understand it, this case only wants to become a collection object!

Price: 300 €

La BlueBag du mois de septembre

Bluebag supports creators and artists!

Bluebag was born from the ambition to produce made in France cases with an eco-logical commitment (the logic of recycling and the use of materials with a reasonable carbon impact) but also wishes to support French artists and designers. In this special year, we would like to invite you to discover artists whose work we love, whether they are musicians, painters, jewelry designers, instrument makers, etc. find here the links to our friends of culture. Friends essential to collective life!

This month Bluebag presents:

Willow atelier, jewelry designer

Willow is a brand dedicated to the creation of jewelry and wall decoration in natural materials. The creations are handmade by Marion, at Vans in Ardèche. His creations are produced in small series for more exclusivity but also tailor-made. His creations are made from recycled materials and in an approach that is ethical towards the planet.

Willow's website >> willow's website

Update on our wood species!

Discover here the presentation of the few species with which we work. The detail of the finishes of our cases can also be found on the quality of the wood used. 

A big thank you to our Alsatian supplier!

The maple is a nice light, the plane tree is rather golden brown, the rosewood is the wood we find on the necks of guitars, the burls are textured, etc. horizon of our wood materials with which we love to work.

We remind you that the photos are not contractual (see our GTC). Indeed, the colors of the wood can vary from one tree to another, thank you for your understanding.

Zoom on our edging!

Plane tree



“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso