who are we ?

It was in 2018 that the idea of creating Bluebag was born in a coherent state of mind with the universe of handpan ... our passion for music and plastic arts so brought us to this idea of innovative cover that will accompany you in all your moments of sharing.

It seemed clear to us that the development of such a project was to be part of a global approach to protecting the environment. After two years of work We created our own recipes and various unique, solvent-free manufacturing processes, recycling raw materials with low environmental impact.

The idea of "custom" allows us to perfectly maintain the handpan during transport. We go through that a cover is like a garment and it must be adjusted at best to highlight us.

Each handpan being unique, its cover must be too!
So we have worked a lot in a craft and artistic spirit on the original aspect of our covers.

Two years of research were needed to provide you with this incomparable experience in accordance with essential values to the Handpan community.


We manufacture Bluebag in France with French raw material suppliers because we believe that we have everything you need within easy reach!
These covers will travel more with you and that's great!


Our Bluebags are made with a reasoned carbon footprint, in particular with the use of so-called "homemade" glues without the use of solvents. Our goal is above all to create manufacturing processes that have a low impact on the planet.

at your service

To satisfy you as well as possible, we study your messages and answer them in less than 48 hours. We always favor human contact and the search for solutions. So do not hesitate to write to us ...