"The craft bags, handmade. Original and eco-logical. ”

The development of these cases has been an incredible process. We really wanted to develop a quality product, made in France.
All without the use of solvents for an ecological approach in order to be part of a sustainable approach and to provide handpan players with an ethical and responsible cover.
The appearance is inspired by guitar case and our raw material suppliers are local.

We ship worldwide

Not from France? Don't worry, we can ship our bluebag cases to your country. Just ask us.

Contact us for more information or refer to our page Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose BlueBag ?

Local production made in France

All the manufacturing stages of our products are carried out in France in our workshop: transformation of the various stages of paper and cardboard, shaping of the wooden borders, assembly of the elements, painting, quality control and packaging.

Non-toxic, plastic-free innovation

Au commencement de BlueBag, il y avait une démarche et une promesse : celle de prendre soin de votre handpan et de notre planète. Nous suivons toujours cet engagement et entreprenons des actions engagées sur des aspects environnementaux, sociétaux, locaux et économiques.

The guard of your pan in an attractive way !

All our covers are handcrafted as much on the protective aspect as on the visual aspect. We didn't want to compromise elegance for the safety of our products.

Live. Play. Repeat.

At present we design our products conscientiously with the purpose of offering you a new experience. The textures of the wood are chosen with care and the design is worked on with a painter. In fact, we continue our work of innovation on a daily basis at the workshop!

The BlueBag cases allow you to move with your instrument in the best conditions and always in style!

Do you want to buy?

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In order to always satisfy you, we remain at your disposal for any request for additional information. We are committed to getting back to you as soon as possible. 

The Studio

How to buy your BlueBag ?
Send an email to: contact@bluebagshop.com specifying the collection (UNI + the color option offered on the page concerned, or NAT + the "flower" or "leaf" option or or ART of the current month) that you wish to order.
We will get back to you within 24 hours to validate your order and inform you of the payment terms, namely paypal - without any obligation to create an account, or transfer. You will need to specify the delivery address for your case.

We send you an email confirming the payment as well as the manufacturing and delivery time.

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